3 Things About GPS Unit Reviews You Absolutely Must Know!

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A lot of people use GPS unit reviews to help them select the group they’re going to buy. There’s nothing wrong with that–it’s just that you have to be careful when you rely on some reviewer’s opinion instead of your own. You can easily end up with the wrong GPS for you and your needs this way.

To make sure you’re not misguided by GPS unit reviews, let’s take a look at the three things that are usually wrong with them.

Problem Number One!

Most GPS unit reviews are slanted toward one or two manufacturers. There are some reasons for this. Perhaps a particular manufacturer was the only one to send the reviewer an individual model to be reviewed. Maybe the reviewer has only owned GPS units made by just one or two manufacturers. Or it could be that a particular feature that you find on the models of an individual manufacturer’s products is important to that reviewer. (But would not be at all important to you!)

Okay, let me tell you my bias, and why I have my bias. I personally just happen to like products made by big, well-established companies. I like the idea that my purchase is going to be supported (as well as anything is supported these days) a year or two from now.

So, to be ultra bright…I like Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan because they’re the industry leaders in the United States, in that order.

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Problem Number Two

GPS devices range in price from $100 to almost $900! A lot of times, GPS unit reviews focus on one part of the market, the entry level, the mid-priced products, or the high end.

What if the report says you should buy a Magellan 3100 for $100, and you’re willing to spend $900 to get the bleeding edge of technology?

This mismatch of interests and price range can cause a lot of problems for people.

Problem Number Three

Problem number three is closely related to problem number two. Because reviews tend to focus on only one segment of the market as far as price is concerned, GPS reviews tend to concentrate on an individual bundle of features.

For instance, let’s say a study was focusing on models with Bluetooth (for hands-free calling). Let’s say you really would like to have multiple point routing (if you knew it existed, that is). Well, you read the article about Bluetooth that tells you the Garmin Nuvi 660 is the top model with Bluetooth. You go out and buy that, not ever knowing you could have spent only about $50 more and gotten the nuvi 760 which also adds the capability of routing you to more than one destination on one trip.

So, how do you solve these problems?

Well, reading more than one review would help. But really, who wants to become an expert in GPS devices just to buy one?

A good compromise is to find an informative website where you can get the whole story. Hopefully, one written in plain English, not techno-babble.

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Written by Kent M. Litchfield