REVIEW Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO

Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO Hands on HD

Samsung re-added variants QWERTY phone with the release of the GT-B7330 series Scala, relying on the Windows 6.5 operating system but the phone minus HSDPA connectivity. For large vendors such as Samsung, presents a series of new phones with a variety of common variants to increase competition in the markets of the world mobile phone sales. GT-B7330 Series appearance with the screen appears larger than the GT-B7320, which is 47 x 47 mm. About the quality, both almost similar. Only in the B7330 series tighter screen resolution, 320 x 320 pixels. With a display size of this square, space for the menu icons can be provided comfortable look. Moreover, to enjoy multimedia offerings such as photo shots, the screen looks up this series. Provisions operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5 offers new features such as the existence of Windows Market Place as an official Microsoft content stores and a variety of interesting themes. Here’s the test we did on this product:


A glimpse of the future, hardly any significant difference in this series with the B7320. What distinguishes the material is material. Location of the meeting somewhat keypad buttons, button size 0.5 x 0.5 cm was still uncomfortable when used for typing text or document. There was a lot of instruments around the phone; there are only volume keys, ports combined to-headset-charging data, and a micro SD port hot-swaps nature.
Testing: Navigating the menus to explore the keypad and navigation key four directions. Keep in mind that this combination port shape is not universal as a USB port that plugs innate need to use Samsung.

Samsung B7330


The series was equipped with a display resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. This screen resolution was apparent and looks good when we see images or shots when playing games. With a widescreen, view the complete home page with the widget options are not too small so comfortable visits. In the standard font size, the screen can make ten lines of text SMS



For internet access, the GT-B7330 is a step less than the brother of the GT-B7320. GT-B7330 is only given access via the 3G network and not HSDPA as the GT-B7320. However, that brought about the application remains incomplete, such as access to Facebook social networking, chat via Palringo to RSS / Feeds.
Existing automatic settings, so that when switching between SIM Card, phone instantly recognised and installed the data connection automatically.



The phone is equipped with a 3.2 MP camera without flash. These cameras can serve as a means of photography or video recorder. Although no flash, photography accompanies some facilities such as ISO settings, autofocus, macro, until the viewfinder configuration. To record the video, this phone has a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.
The phone also has facilities to enjoy a photo slideshow complete with photographs of musical accompaniment.



These entertainment facilities complement the GT-B7330 with the completeness of the external antenna. So to enjoy the radio, we have to put the headset that functions as an antenna. There is a choice of scanning the radio stations as well as store up to 40 stations. This feature can run multitasking, such as enjoying the radio while enjoying the news via RSS / Feeds.



As a phone with Windows Mobile operating system, this series has full facilities for messaging. Besides SMS, MMS, and email, no instant messaging services through the application Palringo. Steps to enable this application quite easily, and can be used for multi-IM like YM, Gmail, MSN, AIM, ICQ too.
Assessment: Using Palringo chat facility to admin Palringo

The Samsung OmniaPRO



To connect to other digital devices, this series relies on access via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth can be used as a vehicle for data traffic and used as a connection through Bluetooth headset. Also, bluetooth can also be a means to connect the phone to a modem via the internet sharing feature.
Assessment: Transferring MP3 format music files from computer to phone for 32 seconds

Note: Always check the location of the files that have been sent to your mobile phone because sometimes for some files with specific extensions, located deep in the root that was barely detectable.

In general, this bad phone performance. Only, from the testing conducted start-up time and move between the menu a bit slow. It may be possible because of mobile software firm yet because the testing is not a commercial version. Some Internet-based features complement this qwerty cell phone usage, not just as a little phone Facebook. Sedangakn for this phone battery uses Lithium-Ion battery 3.7 v 1500 mAh capacity. According to vendor claims, this battery can last up to 500 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talk time. From testing, this phone can last up to 2 days for regular use of multimedia.

Written by Kent M. Litchfield